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Accurate account-level data to identify the exact companies visiting your website and deliver personalized content for your ABM strategy.

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KickFire for Adobe Analytics

Identify the companies visiting your website

See the companies showing buying intent along with company firmographic data, such as:

  • Company Name & Website
  • Industry, Revenue Range, Employee Count
  • And more
Engage your audience with personalized content and messaging

Use Adobe Target to engage website visitors with personalized experiences based on the visitor's company firmographics

  • Dynamically change navigation, greeting, banner images, recommended content, and Calls-To-Action
  • Experiment and discover what messaging engages your audience
KickFire for Adobe Target
Account-level data in Adobe

Deliver accurate
account-level data to
Analytics & Target
  • Expand traditional reports with valuable business intelligence
  • View company, industry, revenue and more beyond standard metrics

Segment visitors for account-based marketing

Automatically uncover key target accounts based on:

  • Company firmographic data
  • Target Account Watchlists
  • Custom first-party data attributes through KickFire's MyAPI™
Segment visitors in Adobe

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