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TWIN Caching™: The Rise of IP Address Intelligence

Learn how KickFire's IP address intelligence is revolutionizing the way companies power and enhance their products, marketing solutions, and more.
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KickFire APIs

The Future of IP Address Intelligence

KickFire provides business intelligence for applications such as IP to company, IP translation, content personalization, ad-targeting, form enrichment, CRMs, and more. As the gold standard, we provide the most accurate, in-depth data in the industry.

The Future of IP Address Intelligence

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KickFire provides business intelligence for applications such as IP to company, IP translation, content personalization, ad-targeting, form enrichment, CRMs, and more. As the gold standard, we provide the most accurate, in-depth data in the industry.

Data to enrich every element of your business
Our proprietary IP address intelligence API Endpoints can power your B2B account-based marketing, content personalization, account-level ad targeting, intent, and much more.

(IP Addresses shown above are for example purposes only.)
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First-Party Intent APIs


This RESTful API endpoint accepts an IP address or website/domain and returns a JSON schema rich with account level firmographic information, filtering options, and more. → abc.com


Uncover the IP address, or range of IP addresses, associated with an account using the company website.

abc.com →
RollWorks is excited to expand our data capabilities through our partnership with KickFire. We are committed to helping go-to-market teams with their ABM efforts to grow their revenue, and comprehensive and accurate data is a critical part of providing a leading solution.
Mike Stocker
VP of Partnerships at RollWorks
G2.com is the essential global marketplace for B2B technology, visited by 5M+ unique buyers each month looking to find the right software solutions. By increasing the number of companies we can now identify — especially those working remotely — this integration makes G2 Buyer Intent some of the most valuable and actionable data available to marketers today.
Patrick Barnes
Senior Director of Product at G2
Engagio's ABM automation platform helps companies go from insight to action. Our platform relies on KickFire’s industry-leading IP address intelligence to surface important insights about our customers’ website visitors.
Brian Babcock
Co-Founder and CTO at Engagio
KickFire powers the IP address intelligence we use to bring our clients’ own first-party purchase intent signals into our award winning Priority Engine platform. KickFire’s account-level insights on website traffic further augment our data sets for use in Demand Generation, ABM, sales prospecting, channel enablement, and more.
Justin Hoskins
Vice President of Product Innovation & Architecture at TechTarget
We needed a technology with the capability to identify visitors on our clients' sites to signal to our customers when their ABM campaigns and efforts are working successfully. After an extensive vendor comparison, we selected KickFire as our technology partner. With KickFire in place, we can better show the full ABM journey from advertising campaigns to website engagement to revenue. We haven't seen anyone do it better!
Bryan Brown
Chief Product Officer at Terminus
KickFire is better than advertising because you don't need to go out and get new people. They are already interested, already engaged, and now you know who they are, so you can go contact them.
We have seen great success across marketing and sales. All of our team is very happy with the KickFire platform. Five9 values great service providers and KickFire has delivered on customer service 100%. They have been so accommodating and so helpful. We could not imagine them getting anything but a 10 out of 10 on customer service.
Jason Yang
Vice President of Marketing at Five9
By analyzing our top 100 target accounts, we were able to expand from 3,224 CRM-identified visitors (via Eloqua ID) to 31,560 identified visitors using KickFire's Domain Name field – That's an 879% increase in target account reach. Out of the 817,000 visitors on our website, only 2% had cookie data available. KickFire was able to identify 10.3% at the account level – that's a 415% increase!
Edward Barrow
Co-Founder and CEO at Idio
EverString provides a Predictive Marketing and Predictive Sales solution. It uses artificial intelligence to help companies expand pipeline and prioritize leads. In order to generate the most accurate machine learning models for our clients, we leverage best-in-class data sources such as KickFire.
Victor Weilin Liu
Product Manager at EverString
Sales success goes hand in hand with the quality of data. The KickFire API fills in the missing gaps and allows our sales team to make more qualified calls.
Andrew Kretzschmer
Director of Marketing Operations at Multiview
Triblio's ABM solution leverages the very best-in-class data providers. We are pleased to incorporate KickFire's account-based data to enable ABM web campaigns for our customers. Results are amazing!
Andre Yee
CEO at Triblio

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