First-Party Intent to Power Your B2B Sales and Marketing Stack
Cookieless, privacy-compliant intent data to identify, inform and influence in-market buyers.

KickFire powers the Account-Based Marketing ecosystem
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KickFire for Analytics
Accurate account-level data in Google & Adobe
Available in Google® Marketing Platform and Adobe® Launch, KickFire for Analytics allows you to identify the companies visiting your website, segment visitors, personalize content, enhance reporting, and more!
LIVE Leads™
Tap into your website's Invisible Pipeline™
Only 2% of your B2B website visitors will fill out a contact form – LIVE Leads provides first-party intent data to reveal the other 98% of companies visiting your website.
Data to enrich every element of your business
Our proprietary IP address intelligence™ can power your B2B account-based marketing, content personalization, account-level ad targeting, intent, and much more.
Getting Started With Intent

  • What is First-Party Intent?
  • What is an Invisible Pipeline?
  • Where Does KickFire Integrate?
  •    Intent Starter Kit   

First-Party Intent Explained

First-party intent also known as buyer intent is data you collect across your digital properties that indicate your audience's elevated interest or intent-to-purchase.

With the looming end of third-party cookies, marketers need new ways to:

  • Track website visitor engagement
  • Personalize website content
  • Serve retargeting ads
  • And all the other ABM activities we love.

Leveraging buyer intent data is like having your prospective customers telling you what they want, how interested they are, and exactly when you should reach out to them – giving you all the data you need while bringing your team into the cookieless future of ABM.

The Invisible Pipeline Explained

On average, only 2% of your website visitors will actually complete the form fill process. This means an alarming 98% of website visitors will leave your website without converting.

We refer to this 98% as your "invisible pipeline" – this is the vast majority of website visitors that might be interested in your offerings, but for any number of reasons decide not to engage.

KickFire's powerful technology gives you the power to take action on interested accounts with more effective sales and marketing messages.

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KickFire Works Where You Do

We want to make it easy to use our data by offering integrations with today's leading B2B sales and marketing technologies, including:

Adobe logo Drift logo Eloqua logo Google Marketing Platform logo Integrate logo Intercom logo

Marketo logo Salesforce logo Sitecore logo Segment logo Slack logo Tealium logo

And many more! See a list of our Integrations.

Intent Starter Kit -- Free tools to get you started

Everyone loves a good freebie, right? That's why we're happy to offer these free resources that allow you to explore the world of IP address intelligence™ and first-party intent to experience to power of KickFire.

KickFire SPARK™ – Identify the target accounts visiting your website and receive real-time alerts.

Create unique watchlists for sales and marketing teams with multiple users to monitor account-level engagement!

Prospector – Our free Google® Chrome Extension takes the guesswork out of sales prospecting.

Access real-time company information, social profiles, and currently used services, then send it straight to your CRM with just one click.

Company Logo API – Easily find and display company logos for content personalization, product enhancements, and more.

Free APIs – Detect user IP addresses and geolocation and discover company logos and websites.

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