Customer Profile

From big data to business intelligence, DesignMind® is a business and technology consulting firm specializing in data analysis and development.

Industry: Business & Technology Consulting Firm
Type: B2B
Headquarters: San Francisco, CA
KickFire® LIVE Leads provides insight into our primary marketing tool – our website. Every time we open a Lead Alerts email it's like having someone throw an M&M into your mouth!



Patty Schinzing
VP of Marketing


The DesignMind team was eager to improve their website content to help drive qualified leads and grow their company. They wanted to have better insight into the companies visiting their site and where they were located. With Google Analytics, they lacked the ability to see into their web traffic and the actual companies visiting their website that they desired.



KickFire allows DesignMind to identify the anonymous companies and known prospects visiting the site and gain insight into their levels of engagement and buying intent. With real-time LIVE Leads Alerts and daily LIVE Leads Report emails, DesignMind is able to see the high-quality leads visiting their site without needing to log into the platform.

DesignMind chose KickFire because it gave them insight into their primary marketing tool – their website. With many high-caliber sales prospects validating their expertise online, DesignMind realized it needed to optimize its website, content, and SEO to improve its searchability and drive traffic to its site. KickFire's customer support and training ensured their team was able to get the most value out of the LIVE Leads platform and achieve their marketing goals.