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Accurate Data

Human-verified and normalized, so you know you're getting data you can trust

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Actionable Insights

Take immediate sales and marketing action with the right messaging at the right time

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Install KickFire and start identifying your in-market buyers in less than 15 minutes

Tap into your website's Invisible Pipeline™

Discover the companies visiting your website

Only 2% of your website visitors will convert — KickFire reveals the other 98% that are engaging with your website and showing an intent to purchase.

How we help marketers...

  • Measure the performance of digital marketing campaigns
  • Discover what content engages website visitors
  • Increase quantity and quality of leads delivered to sales

How we help sales...

  • Qualify visitors based on interest and engagement
  • Connect with in-market buyers early in their buying cycle
  • Track your target accounts throughout their buying journey


Accurate account-level data in your analytics platform

Identify the companies visiting your website, enrich your Google and Adobe Analytics platforms with company data, and engage with prospects at the right time in the buyers journey.

Identify companies

Identify your most engaged website visitors and build targeted audiences based on intent signals


Engage audiences

Personalize interactions based on B2B attributes, such as: industry, revenue and company size


Convert more accounts

Measure & analyze the performance of your sales and marketing efforts along the buyer’s journey

Data to enrich every element of your business

Our proprietary IP address intelligence™ can power your B2B account-based marketing, content personalization, account-level ad targeting, intent, and much more.


Translate IP addresses or websites into company firmographic data.


Uncover company IP addresses using the company website.


Find a company’s logo using its domain name.

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