Customer Profile

Lead411® is a B2B lead intelligence software platform that provides corporate and contact decision maker data to increase lead identification and conversion rates.


Industry: Lead Software
Type: B2B
Headquarters: Boulder, Colorado
KickFire® allows us to cut through the noise and focus on the companies most interested in our data. With its real-time identification, we're able to identify, prioritize, and immediately target high-value leads and accounts.



Tom Blue


Lead411 generated a high amount of daily traffic to their website, but did not have a technology to identify their anonymous website visitors. They desired real-time visibility to identify and prioritize high-value leads in the market to purchase their lead intelligence software.

Their team also wanted to see the where a visitor came from and what content they consumed on the website. Monitoring this type of behavioral data could allow them to attribute the influence of their multi-touch marketing strategies across their marketing automation, direct mail, and digital ad campaigns.



KickFire LIVE Leads provides Lead411 with valuable, real-time intent and company firmographic data to identify and focus on the right accounts interacting with their website content. By using KickFire's Lead Scoring features, Lead411 is able to collect valuable data pieces to determine a visitor's level of interest and adjust their outreach accordingly.

On a weekly basis, the high number of web traffic is filtered and targeted based on interest – unqualified accounts are filtered out, prospective accounts are added to a nurturing sequence, and high-value leads and accounts are immediately targeted for appointments. With this system in place, Lead411 is able to focus on the right people at the right time, and thereby increasing overall demand generation and productivity.

KickFire's superior data quality, user-friendly interface and exceptional level of customer service made it an easy decision for Lead411 to implement the KickFire platform.