Customer Profile

Recovery Point® is a leading national provider of business continuity and disaster recovery solutions to keep applications and business processes running after a catastrophic event.

Industry: Disaster Recovery
Type: B2B
Headquarters: Germantown, Maryland
Since we found KickFire®, our main marketing strategy has been to drive prospects to our website, then use the information regarding the visitor and what they researched to feed our inside sales operation.
We use other marketing tools in the process, but KickFire was the catalyst, and is now the engine of the operation.



Dick Fordham
Director of Marketing and Strategy


Recovery Point was frustrated that their website was not generating the number of inbound form submissions they were looking for. They knew they had traffic coming to the site because they had Google Analytics, but they didn't know who that traffic was and the data could not be tied into their sales process. Recovery Point wanted to capitalize on the traffic they had coming to the site, but lacked the necessary tools to do so.



Using KickFire has enabled Recovery Point to implement a streamlined prospecting process that ties web visitors to inside sales activity, and this process is efficient and measurable. Every week they use LIVE Leads to identify the top leads and create the calling list for their inside sales team, which has increased the actual number of leads for the team to be working on by over 200%. Overall, the team is generating more qualified leads and shortening the sales cycle, which in their industry is difficult to do.

Recovery Point has also taken full advantage of KickFire's analytics and conversion tracking to maximize their ad spend. They easily are able to measure the impact of banner advertising on third party sites so that they can apply their marketing budget more efficiently. They have also been able to reallocate space on their website to replace low traffic areas with more relevant and attractive features, thereby enhancing the users experience.