Customer Profile

RollWorks is a B2B account-based marketing (ABM) solution shown to deliver over 5X the ROI of other ABM platforms.

Industry: Account-Based Marketing Software
Type: B2B
Headquarters: San Francisco, CA
The biggest benefit RollWorks has seen from first-party intent is our ability to segment our ad campaign audiences based on where people are interacting with our digital properties. The RollWorks team is now able to understand a prospect’s level of intent based on where they’re landing on our website, how they’re interacting with chatbots, etc. First-party intent is also key to helping our sales team prioritize outreach.


Kushan Patel
Senior Director of Product Management at RollWorks


RollWorks, a division of NextRoll, Inc., was in the market for a first-party intent and IP address intelligence data vendor to help strengthen the RollWorks Account-Based Platform. With their goals of improving their enhanced account identification and engagement measurement, RollWorks conducted a competitive vendor analysis in order to identify the best provider for their team.

First-party intent data is an important component of a successful account-based strategy. Without it, marketing & sales teams can be blind to active buying journeys; however, if a company can determine who is looking at their website before a visitor fills out a form, it allows them to identify previously unknown buyers. This means sales and marketing teams can engage these buyers in targeted ways to build awareness and drive engagement with the RollWorks brand.



In order to identify the best provider for their needs and further their ability to deliver enhanced account identification and engagement measurement, RollWorks conducted a competitive vendor analysis among 14 first-party intent data providers.

The information included details about each provider's offering, such as:

  • Granularity in identifiable companies across different global markets, company sizes, industry types, and more
  • How IP address data is gathered, processed, and stored
  • Source of IP address information (i.e. public vs proprietary partnerships)
  • ISP and WiFi filtering enabling delivery of only B2B traffic
  • Data delivery options
  • Frequency of database updates
  • Network uptime and direct customer support channel access


Based on the feedback and ability to meet RollWorks’ key criteria, KickFire was invited as a select group of providers from a short-list to participate in a match test which was designed to evaluate the breadth and depth of IP coverage against the accounts that matter most to their customer base.

KickFire emerged as the overall winner when evaluating the scope of offering, flexibility to work with varied technical requirements, as well as both the breadth and depth of the core IP data.

Through this vendor selection process, RollWorks felt confident that KickFire’s TWIN Caching IP address intelligence would help to provide more accurate first-party intent data, which, combined with RollWorks’ proprietary Account Fit and Account Intent, helps marketers prioritize accounts based on their stage in the buying cycle.

KickFire data is now incorporated into the RollWorks platform and available to all RollWorks Account-Based Platform customers.