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Google Analytics stopped providing Network Domain and Service Provider data, which previously enabled marketers to segment website visitors in reporting, create exclusion filters for traffic from internal or bot-related sources, and build audiences for re-marketing ad campaigns.

For teams that relied on this data, there is an even better solution specifically designed for B2B companies.

Listen to John Babb, from iDimension, a Google Marketing Platform Certified Partner, and Maggie Taylor Aherne from KickFire to learn how to:

  • Remedy your need for Network Domain and Service Provider data with more accurate account-level identification
  • Build custom filters for website traffic that can also help eliminate ad spend waste
  • Segment website visitors based on account information (company name, industry, revenue) for re-marketing audiences
  • Future proof your data with Google Analytics' new App + Web property type to collect and analyze both app and website data.