Whether you love them, hate them, or fall somewhere in between, there’s one thing that signals the start of the winter season, and that is, the inescapable onslaught of Hallmark Movies.

We’re fully aware that you probably don’t have the time or patience to sit through a sappy 2-hour movie right now, so this year, we thought we could change things up a bit. 

We present to you: 

“A KickFire Holiday Miracle” 

*Warning: this is going to be super corny – so put on your comfy slippers, grab a nice cup of hot chocolate, get the fireplace going and enjoy!!


It’s a cold December evening and snow is falling outside of the Jingle office. 

Jingle Technologies – a small company that specializes in crafting high-end bells is struggling. Their bells produce the most beautiful music in all the land, the only problem is, nobody is buying their products. Where is everyone’s holiday spirit?

Even though their sales and marketing teams have been working hard, their phones just have not been ringing, and everyone at Jingle knows that they need to land a big sale to close out Q4. To make matters worse, the company Christmas party is right around the corner and it would be great to dance the night away in happiness to the tune of Jingle Bell Rock rather than stressing about a poor Q4. 

A stressed-out sales rep named Holly stares out the window of her office. 

Holly has the drive, she wants to close a deal and help the company, but so far all her efforts have been fruitless. She doesn’t want to be the grinch of the company, but to her, it seems like people just aren’t buying bells anymore. 

Suddenly she hears a sound: “DING!” 

Working at a bell company, Holly is used to hearing dings of all kinds, but this isn’t the sound of one of their bells, this is different. A LIVE Leads notification pops up on her computer screen.

Intrigued, Holly sets down her coat and sits down at her computer to investigate. “What company was it? What did they look at? What do they want?” She wonders. 

abm lead

Looking at the company profile, she sees that North Pole Industries is in the toy manufacturing and distribution industry and fits perfectly into their ideal customer profile

Diving deeper, Holly also sees that someone from North Pole Industries looked at the Jingle home page, read their case studies, downloaded a product guide about their enterprise solutions, and finally looked at the pricing page before leaving without filling out a contact form. 

She knows this could be a massive opportunity for her and Jingle as a whole. She has the company phone number right at her fingertips, so she reaches out and picks up the phone. No answer. 

But Holly is persistent. She’s not going to give up and let this one get away. She uses the KickFire for Google integration to add North Pole Industries to their retargeting campaign, so they are sure to win key ad placements when anyone from North Pole Industries searches for “sleigh bells” and other related keywords. 

And she doesn’t stop there. She also reaches out to North Pole Industries with some additional resources on Jingle’s various products that might help them in their search for the right solution. 

A day goes by with no response, then two, then three. By the end of the fourth day, Holly is feeling frustrated. She decides to leave early and go for a walk to clear her head. 

She starts packing up her things to leave for the day, but just as she’s turning off the lights at her desk she hears a familiar sound: “DING,” and a LIVE Leads notification lights up her screen. 

santa website lead

Holly knows it’s a long shot, but she decides to pick up the phone and give it one more try. 

“Ho... Ho... Ho… Hello?” A jolly voice on the other end answers. 

“Yes, hi there! This is Holly calling from Jingle Technologies.” 

Well, hello there! I’ve been seeing Jingle everywhere recently, and in order to save Christmas, we need some new bells. Pesky Donner and Blitzen ate the ones we used to have, and without these bells I can’t drive my sleigh tonight.” The voice replies. 

“No problem”, says Holly trying to hold back her excitement, “I’d be happy to help!”

They talk for a while and discuss all the various benefits of Jingle’s bells. Holly learns that North Pole Industries not only wants to replace the bells that Donner ate but also wants to build a new type of toy delivery vehicle, and they need new bells to announce to all the children that they are making deliveries. 

After a few negotiations and making sure Holly is on the “nice list.” North Pole Industries signs the biggest deal in Jingle’s history. This deal not only saves the company’s quarter but also gives them plenty of extra money to throw the most incredible, extravagant holiday party they have ever had! 

As Holly is enjoying the party, doing the Jingle Bell Hop, and basking in the admiration of her peers, she notices something out of the corner of her eye. The warm familiar glow of a LIVE Leads notification lights up her computer screen: 

reindeer inc website lead

See, I warned you this would be a corny story, but it’s one that holds an important lesson – if you can’t see who’s visiting your website, you could be missing out on huge opportunities this holiday season. 

If you want to be like Holly and a hero all year round, contact us to get started with a free LIVE Leads or KickFire for Google trial today. 

From all of us at KickFire, we wish you and your family a happy and healthy holiday season!