Today, KickFire®, the leader in IP address intelligence and company identification, announced that their customer, Idio, reported an 879% increase in target account identification throughout its Content Intelligence Platform. Idio identifies patterns in client content consumption to provide prescriptive and predictive insight, in order to display real-time, cross-channel content personalization. By connecting KickFire’s company identification technology, B2B marketers will now experience the ability to increase target account identification throughout the Idio platform.

“By analyzing our top 100 target accounts, we were able to expand from 3,224 CRM-identified visitors (via Eloqua ID) to 31,560 identified visitors using KickFire’s Domain Name field – That's an 879% increase in target account reach,” stated Idio Co-Founder and CEO, Edward Barrow. “Out of the 817,000 visitors on our website, only 2% had cookie data available. KickFire was able to identify 10.3% at the account level – that’s a 415% increase!”

Typical account-based targeting occurs at the cookie-level and is often limited to identifying 2–6% of website visitors. KickFire’s foundation is built upon IP address intelligence and machine learning, rather than cookie data. With this new connection, the Idio Platform delivers the capability to personalize and power digital experiences with IP address data, for both known and unknown visitors, enabling users to see a 10X increase in company identification.

“Idio’s results are just another confirmation of the strength and global reach of our data,” said Tina Bean, KickFire Co-Founder and Vice President of Strategic Business Development. “Strategies that have a strict reliance on cookie-data are crumbling. By tapping into the power of KickFire’s IP address intelligence, more and more companies are able to multiply their total addressable market.”

KickFire deploys its proprietary TWIN Caching™ intelligence across its entire product suite of account identification and real-time intent solutions. Optimally suited for account based marketing, predictive, intent, and content personalization, KickFire API provides the most accurate IP address intelligence and B2B firmographic data in the industry. KickFire’s B2B sales automation tool, LIVE Leads, uses TWIN Caching to enable companies to tap into their website’s invisible pipeline by identifying anonymous web visitors showing real-time buying intent for their products and services.

About Idio
Idio exists to power the perfect customer conversation, driving better customer insight and target account engagement for enterprise B2B marketers worldwide. Idio's decisioning engine identifies patterns in each individual’s content consumption to understand their interests, and automatically personalizes the experience on digital channels.

With a deep experience in CRM and predictive analytics, Idio has been built from the ground up to solve the complex challenges in enterprise-scale marketing functions. Idio has offices in London and New York, and serves clients globally. For more information, please visit or follow us on Twitter at @idioplatform.

About KickFire
KickFire is the leader in cloud-based B2B sales automation and IP address intelligence. The KickFire solutions are powered by TWIN Caching, an advanced, proprietary IP-to-company identification technology. TWIN Caching systematically caches and analyzes over four billion IP addresses, going beyond traditional IP association to uncover last-mile connectivity ownership. KickFire’s complete suite of solutions enables companies to tap into their website’s invisible pipeline and transform anonymous visitors into actionable sales opportunities. VisiStat, Inc., doing business as KickFire, is a privately held company founded in 2005 and based in San Jose, CA.

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