KickFire has always been an engineering-first company, so we pride ourselves on making life as easy as possible for our fellow developers. That’s why we offer a wide variety of both free and premium API endpoints that allow for easy integration of our powerful IP address intelligence™ and firmographic data directly into our customer’s tech stacks.

Our new KickFire API for Developers hub will function as an informational center developers can turn to when looking to integrate KickFire data into their products and services. This will serve to advance their ideas and push the development of new and exciting technologies across many different industries. Using REST and JSON to query by IP address or domain, developers can leverage this business intelligence to power account-based marketing, content personalization, account-level ad targeting, intent, and much more.

What’s on our KickFire API for Developers Hub?

Free API Endpoints:

KickFire is proud to give back to the developer community by offering a variety of free API endpoints that developers can use to power their projects. These include:

  • IP Address Detection: This endpoint detects an IP address from within a device's Document Object Model (DOM) using jQuery.
  • IP Address to Country: This endpoint finds the user’s country location based on an IP address.
  • Zip Code to Geolocation: This endpoint finds the geolocation of a United States zip code.
  • Area Code to Geolocation: This endpoint detects the geolocation data based on area code.
  • Company Logo: This endpoint provides a company logo based on a company’s website.
  • Company Name to Website: This endpoint translates company name into website.

Premium API Endpoints:

KickFire also offers premium API endpoints for developers that want more in-depth company data. These premium API endpoints include: 

  • Company: This endpoint translates IP addresses or domains/websites into company firmographic data.
  • Domain to IP Address: This endpoint uncovers the IP address or range of IP addresses owned/used by a company.
  • IP to Geolocation: This endpoint uncovers the geolocation of an IP address.
  • MyAPI™: This endpoint gives you the ability to personalize your KickFire Company API response with first-party data attributes for a specified set of accounts. 

Schema Examples

To give developers an idea of what they can expect a KickFire schema to look like we include plenty of examples.


Tips and Tricks for Implementation

We’ve included some handy tips to help the implementation of our APIs run smoothly.


Resources for Errors, Troubleshooting, and Solutions


Breakdown of Firmographic Data

Since there's a wide range of firmographic data points we report on, we’ve compiled a list of labels for industry, revenue range, employee count, NAICS and SIC industry codes, and more.

The new developer hub is now online and ready to help organizations integrate company identification and firmographic data into their technologies. We’re excited to grow this hub into the premier resource for all developers wanting to enhance their knowledge and explore the power of IP address intelligence.

For more information on KickFire’s free and premium API offerings, check out our KickFire API for Developers page!

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