KickFire now provides enhanced offerings through the LiveRamp B2B Data Store. Companies can now utilize KickFire’s global corporate IP address intelligence to build custom B2B audience segments through account-level firmographic data attributes, such as company name, industry, employee count, and revenue range. Once paired with LiveRamp’s IdentityLinks, these audiences are presented to LiveRamp’s distribution partners to drive account-based marketing through programmatic advertising at scale.

LiveRamp B2B's Chief Operating Officer, Pieter De Temmerman, stated, "We’re excited KickFire has joined the LiveRamp Data Store. Their global corporate IP address intelligence gives B2B marketers the ability to now leverage KickFire's company data in their programmatic ABM strategies.”

“We are thrilled that KickFire’s powerful corporate IP address intelligence is available on LiveRamp’s B2B Data Store. Data buyers can now leverage custom audience segments to significantly expand the reach of their B2B targeted display advertising used in their account-based marketing strategies,” said Tina Bean, KickFire Co-Founder and Vice President of Strategic Business Development. “Companies that were once limited to audiences created via first-party CRM and cookie data are now able to combine KickFire's in-depth account-level firmographic information to build richer target audience profiles.”

KickFire’s proprietary TWIN Caching technology utilizes millions of event and intent signals collected daily to offer the highest IP-to-company translation rates in the industry. Contact us to learn more about how KickFire’s TWIN Caching technology integrates with today’s leading sales and marketing technologies.