With social distancing on the decline and bars and nightclubs opening their doors once again, those of us that are single are dusting off our nice outfits and making our way to these nighttime drinking establishments to meet that “special someone.” But just in case it’s been a while since you personally have been to a bar or nightclub, let me set the scene for you: 

It’s Karaoke night – The lights are dim. The smell of beer and secondhand smoke hangs in the air while a group of college students is on the stage drunkenly shouting the words to “Sweet Caroline.” You’re sitting on a high bar stool staring at the half-empty drink you ordered 30 minutes ago. Suddenly you spot a beautiful person at the opposite end of the bar who catches your gaze and flashes you what looks like a little smile. While you’re working up the courage to go over and start a conversation, your mind starts to race. 

“What if that smile wasn’t meant for me? What if I can’t think of anything to talk about? What if we have nothing in common? What if they don’t like me?” 

You look back down at your drink, decide not to go over, and instead just wait for someone to come up and start a conversation with you.

Now imagine that same bar scenario, except now you know which people at the bar find you attractive, what they like about you, what interests they have, and exactly when they want you to start a conversation with them.

Let’s play out that same scenario again:  

You see that same person from before at the end of the bar. But you already know they were, in fact, smiling at you, they find you attractive, they love mountain biking, baking, and old movies. And, most importantly, they’re secretly hoping you will come over and start a conversation with them right now.

Needless to say, you would probably have better luck meeting, conversing with, and maybe even dating someone from the bar in scenario number two. 

First-party intent data does the same thing for your sales org. 

Inbound leads (i.e., someone walking up to you at the bar to start a conversation) are great but, unfortunately, are far from the norm. In fact, it’s estimated that only about 2% of your website visitors will fill out a contact form – leaving a massive portion of potentially interested visitors to be lost to the sea of competitors. 

However, instead of just waiting around for prospects to fill out an inbound form, leveraging first-party intent data allows you to be proactive by identifying interested companies, showing you exactly what they are interested in, and the perfect time to reach out to them. 


Instead of seeing only the total number of sessions for a given period on your site, imagine having a list of the companies, their attributes like industry, revenue, employee count, etc., as well as the exact pages they looked at on your site.

The big question is how – how do you start gathering and capitalizing on this data? Well, luckily, it’s as easy as installing a simple tag on your website.

KickFire’s tag-based solutions gather intent data 24/7 about your website visitors and provide you with all the valuable information you need to identify, engage with, and ultimately sell to more of your in-market buyers. 

While first-party intent data can’t help you with your luck at the bar, it can supercharge your sales and marketing teams and turn your website into a lead gen machine! If you’d like to learn more about the power of intent data, check out this article: First-Party Intent Data: Your Most Valuable Resource, or connect with one of our specialists today!