At KickFire, we believe in transparency when it comes to our products. It’s easy for us to tell you our products work, but we think it’s important to slow down and walk you through how exactly we use each KickFire product to get more warm leads to our sales team and drive better sales conversations throughout the pipeline. So in this article we will do just that, we’re going to walk through the typical journey our sales and marketing teams go through with each product and show you exactly how we maximize every opportunity to drive more revenue.


Website Visitor Identification: We’ve always said any good sales or marketing campaign starts with identification of in-market buyers. Knowing exactly who our intended audiences are shapes everything about our messaging from cadence and content type, to even the specific words we use to demonstrate our product’s value. 

This is where our LIVE Leads platform comes in. LIVE Leads gives our sales and marketing teams the ability to identify the exact companies behind our anonymous website traffic and allows us to discover new in-market buyers to reach out to. Once a net-new target account visits our website and shows buying intent, our Account Executives (AEs) can automatically send their company data directly to our CRM and use our Slack integration to get real-time alerts when these accounts reach a specified lead score. From there, our team can quickly view important company data and even see what content the account engaged with to see what they’re interested in and determine the best course of action for following up. 

In addition, our AEs use LIVE Leads to identify potential new target account opportunities based on the firmographics of our website traffic. If a company visits our website and their firmographic profile matches our ideal customer profile (ICP), our sales team will also be notified in real-time. This allows them to take full advantage of absolutely every possible sales opportunity they can by reaching out with helpful content and tailored messages that are more likely to resonate.   

Sales Campaign Tracking: Our sales team is constantly working on outbound sales campaigns to drive more pipeline and bring in more revenue. Throughout this process our AEs are able to utilize the Watchlist feature in LIVE Leads to build their lists of high-value target accounts. Once an AE uploads a watchlist, they will receive an instant alert whenever someone from any of their target companies visits our site. This allows our sales team to understand which campaigns are driving interest and which accounts are the most engaged, and also informs them of when to follow up with their prospects.

In addition, using Conversion Tracking in LIVE Leads, our sales team can create unique tracking codes for any landing pages they send in prospecting, follow-up, and demo recap emails. This allows them to see when their prospects click through on their content and helps monitor the effectiveness of their outreach.

Prospecting: To aid in our sales team’s prospecting efforts, our AEs utilize our free Chrome extension, Prospector, to find companies that fit within our ICP and add that company directly into our CRM which saves them countless hours of busy work.

Pipeline Optimization: Once someone has filled out a form on our site, this becomes a lead that is passed onto our sales team. Using LIVE Leads, our AEs get real-time alerts when prospects are actively engaging with our website and use this information to send tailored messages to their prospects at the perfect time (ex: right after a demo). In addition, they can see key account activity, such as:clickpath and pageviews to gain a deeper understanding of what their prospects are looking at. 


Website Personalization: In today’s competitive B2B landscape, personalization is par for the course if you want to stand out and deliver the best user experience across your site and drive high conversion rates. When visitors come to our site, we leverage our Company API and Logo API endpoints to identify the company they are visiting from and display personalized content based on their firmographic profile, such as: welcome banners, images, suggested content offers, and their company logo. This allows us to roll out the red carpet for our visitors and deliver to them the best possible browsing experience. 

Form Enrichment: Once the visitor sees all relevant content and is sufficiently convinced that our products are right for them, they can use a contact us form to raise their hand and say, “I’m interested, tell me more.” This is great, but our work is not done just yet. If our forms are a disaster of poor UI, too many questions, irrelevant fields, etc. the visitor is likely to leave without filling it out. The key here is making it as easy as possible for visitors to fill out a form. Because we already have their company’s name, industry, revenue range, geolocation, and more, we no longer need to ask the user these questions to create effective outreach.

Lead Scoring: While we would love to believe everyone that comes to our website is so impressed they immediately fill out a form and turn into a sales lead, we know that’s just not the case. In fact, a large portion of our website visitors visit and show buying intent but leave without filling out a form. There are a number of reasons a visitor may have browsed our site and left without filling out a form. Maybe they were just exploring options, perhaps they were looking for more information, maybe their cat jumped onto their keyboard and closed the window. The point is, without reaching out to them, we might never know. 

Using our LIVE Leads platform again, we can identify high-value website visitors based on their firmographic attributes and apply lead scoring models to gauge their level of buying intent. A visitor’s lead score can be related to how many pages they viewed, content downloads, and a variety of other actions that indicate increased interest in our products. Once a lead score has been reached for a specific account, they can be placed into either a sales or marketing campaign to drive these accounts back to our site. We can also look at the exact pages they viewed to gain a better understanding of what they might be interested in.

Retargeting: Retargeting ads are one of the most effective ways we’ve used to get these accounts back to our website and convert them into leads. To do this, our marketing team uses our KickFire for Google integration to identify accounts that have visited our site but have left without converting. We then use our integration with Google Ads to build retargeting audiences and dynamically adjust our ad bidding to win more ad placements for these high-value accounts (e.g. a company in the computer software industry that has 500+ employees and over $1 billion in annual revenue). In addition, KickFire for Google allows us to build custom suppression lists to ensure we do not show ads to out-of-market accounts, competitors, people that work at KickFire, etc. By only showing ads to in-market companies, we have been able to save money while improving the conversion rates and bring more warm leads to our sales team. 

Tracking Campaign Effectiveness: Being a data-driven company we’re constantly experimenting with ways to drive more high-value accounts to our website. Thus, it’s imperative that we know exactly what campaigns are working and which ones can be improved. Because we have Google Analytics installed on our site, we use our KickFire for Google integration to track the effectiveness of our marketing campaigns. This allows us to allocate more resources to campaigns that are working and make adjustments where needed. 

Bonus: We also utilize our Google Data Studio report templates to easily visualize how our campaigns are performing. 

Identifying New Potential Markets: Much like how we monitor our website to determine if our campaigns are bringing in traffic that matches our ICP, we also monitor for the opposite. Using our KickFire for Google integration again, we can look at trends in our traffic to determine if we are seeing higher volumes of traffic from new potential market segments that we might not have focused on before. 

All of these platforms and technologies work seamlessly in tandem with one another to drive more leads, better prospect outreach, and keep our sales and marketing teams running like well-oiled machines. If you want to learn more about our wide array of products, contact us to set up a free trial today!