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Founder & CEO

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News & Updates | 2 min read

A Letter From KickFire’s Founders

Silicon Valley is a tough place to do business. The chances of a startup thriving in these sharky waters are low to begin with, but add on the challenges that come with doing it all without venture...
Marketing | 1 min read

KickFire ABM TechTris is Here!

What does Account-based marketing (ABM) have in common with Tetris®?  We're glad you asked!  The answer is simple: In order to succeed, you must build a “stack” of elements that perfectly fit...
News & Updates | 3 min read

2020 in Review – Looking Back on the Year that Reshaped ABM

2020 was a crazy year. There’s no way to overstate it.  Looking back on this past year, it’s hard to imagine how anyone could have predicted just how much the account-based marketing landscape would...
News & Updates | 2 min read

How We Built and Launched a New Product 100% Remotely in 44 Days

You read that right, from concept to product launch in just 44 days all while working remotely. 
News & Updates | 2 min read

Clarity and ‘20/20’ Vision in 2020

With the turn of each new year, it is tradition, and part of the human spirit, to reflect on the past and look forward to the next year. We’ve learned from our mistakes, celebrated our successes and...