Tina Bean

Co-Founder & VP of Strategic Partnerships

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Target Accounts | 3 min read

How to Personalize Messaging for Every Stage of the Buying Funnel

Today’s B2B buyer journey is far from linear. In fact, I'd say it looks more like a maze drawn by Dr. Seuss than it does a straight path. 
Website Leads | 2 min read

Maximize Your Website Leads By Tapping Into Your Invisible Pipeline™

No matter what your organization sells, chances are inbound leads (i.e. form fills, chat, etc.) account for at least some percentage of your sales pipeline. These leads are great, not only has a...

10 Questions to Ask Before Choosing Your IP Address Data Vendor

IP address intelligence is one of the most powerful sales and marketing technologies available today - providing valuable first-party data that can indicate buying intent or power countless...